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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Franco

Well, it's been nearly a year since the start of my blogging hiatus, and while I maintain that the internet certainly doesn't need another cinephile (or Francophile) leaking cinematic opinions all over, I do find that after almost 11 months' rest I'm being pulled back into it, through a little feeling of joy and inspiration from the inside of my heart and deep within my guts somewhere... It's not that ever I intended to leave the blogging of Jess Franco's massive filmography in my past forever, I suppose at this time last year I was feeling quite bogged down with the amount of work (and jobs) I'd been taking on at the time.

However, thanks to Mondo Macabro, Kino/Redemption, Severin Films, among other distributors of world films & cinematic erotica, there has been a constant and inspiring flow of Franco films released just over the last year and a half!

I am looking forward to some late nights in the near future, where I can kick back and get the kitsch back on with Macabro's Lorna the Exorcist & Countess Perverse, Redemption's blu-rays for Exorcism, Female Vampire, and A Virgin Among the Living Dead, and Severin Films' the-first-I've-ever-heard-of-it Hot Nights with Linda... And to this end, I look forward to (now) continuing with this blog, and I'm shouting out a thank you to the followers this little blog has generated.

I have also just finished cleaning up thousands of spam comments, and I've chained the comment settings so that only registered users (or those with open IDs) can comment, I'm trying to keep the pages clean and junk-free for everyone. 

Looks appropriately kitschy.