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Monday, October 26, 2009

Post-Halloween, 2009...

I love the fall. As much as summer reminds me of a good Jess Franco flick, the fall does as well. That frosty leave-falling void between Halloween and the guilt-infused family Christmas get-togethers is perfect for the likes of Killer Barbys or Eugenie de Sade.
This fall, I'm going to finally get through The Jess Franco collection Volume 2 if it freakin' kills me.
Unfortunately, I've seen some of my recently purchased PAL DVDs through my component set-up to the television set, and it's a blurry, mashy mess. Ugh. I would've loved to have watched Álex de la Iglesia's Dance with the Devil in some kind of clear version, but I assume that was not meant to be.
Perhaps the Jess Franco films will fare better as they've been released by Anchor Bay UK, so we'll see. I'll be getting on this one as soon as the Halloween Marathon has come to a close, and I'm hoping for the best...

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